Supporting Details In Your Essay

Introduction is a major change that has occurred that has occurred in the Western family is an increased incidence in divorce whereas in the past divorce was a relatively rare occurrence in recent times it has become quite commonplace this change is borne out clearly in census figures for example 30 years ago in Australia only one marriage in turn ended in divorce nowadays the figure is more than one three in this essay I will seek to critically examine so look at what the writer is doing is establishing the context here therefore the subheading you should not be writing this way please avoid giving such kinds of subheadings in academic essays so the context in this essay what is that a writer trying to do he states that he will seek to critically examine a number of sociological explanations for the divorce phenomenon.

And also consider the social policy implications that each EX explanation carries with it it will be argued that I have left it here it will be argued that so this is how you construct a paragraph or introductory paragraph introduce the main idea the thesis what is the problem he has given some examples how the rate of divorce is increasing particularly in the Western world and then establishing the context what am I going to do here what is his intention to do here let me take you to another example please look at the slide this is a sample text for the body of the sentence look at the topic sentence and then look at the supporting details I’ll read it out for you academic performance is another key factor that was consistently cited as a factor that influences a student staying in school and graduating now see this is a part of an essay where the writer is trying to understand various reasons for high school dropouts you know when children don’t complete their higher studies higher academics so what what are the reasons so this is from the body these are not the introduction the introduction is for that you will have to read the entire essay I have given the source if you may wish you can look at the complete essay Here I am just trying to explain how one argument is constructed so then you look at the supporting detail.

This is not the way you have to write again please pay attention to these facts you don’t have to write topic sentence and supporting detail in your formal essay I am doing here or – just to make you understand things better so several research articles cited that the road to academic success starts early in the education system both school readiness and 3rd grade reading proficiency have been cited as indicators of future academic success after the 3rd grade children are no longer learning to read but are now reading to learn helping struggling students in the 3rd grade to read at or above reading proficiency will help be more prepared for success in the future research has also indicated that success in middle school is a key indicator of whether a student will drop out of high school in middle school.