Ethics And Legality In Essay

If there’s a specific problem sometimes people debate how to resolve that problem or how to combat that problem so what should be done about illegal immigration what should be done about binge drinking what should be done about assault on college campuses what should be done about you know insert prom social problem is blank ethical so a lot of times there are questions of not whether something should be legal or not although that might be the question and then we could discuss whether it’s ethical within that so sometimes the question you know should euthanasia be legal within that we would talk about the ethical ramifications of it or should animal testing be legal. Learn more about legal and ethical issues of your paper at Robotdon.

Well we’re gonna talk about the legality but we’ll also talk about the ethics so sometimes whether or not something should be legal is a better question than whether it should be ethical but sometimes this is narrow enough to give you room to argue and the students often like to go more broad instead of more narrow thinking that will help them find sources and meet the page count and I think it does help them find sources but I don’t necessarily think it helps them find the Peet meet the page count because then they’re confused when it comes time to write and they feel like they don’t know what direction to go in because they have so much information that it becomes difficult to narrow their thesis and make a specific argument is something really a problem so sometimes there are arguments about whether or not something is an issue or whether or not should be changed what’s the best way to deal with something their arguments about whether something is effective and whether or not something causes something else so you know does I keep defaulting to a little legal immigration but I do know a lot about that topic and it seems like most people do.

So it’s easy to talk about you know does illegal immigration cause terrorism or does illegal immigration cause you know US debt or something like that might be a question to ask there are also questions about definitions you know what does something mean so the one I always I’m interested in is you know what does it mean to be a feminist there are people who who don’t like the word women who don’t like the word they think it means man-hating and angry and ugly shoe wearing and then there are other people who embrace it who think everybody should be a feminist in fact I have a t-shirt that says we should all be feminists because I believe it means equality which is something I think everybody should want but things can get sticky too there and there’s been arguments about a many a pop culture person like Beyonce or even Miley Cyrus where people argue you know is this person a feminist are they fighting for women’s rights or are they undercutting women’s rights with the way they dress.