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Flesh and Fire by Laura A. Gilman

Flesh and Fire by Laura A. Gilman: I got this book $2 used. Awesome. It turned out to be a pretty amazing book, too.


+ Educational! (I learned a bit about grape-growing and winemaking. Yaaaaay)

+ Magical wine! (Wine with magical properties. And it didn’t seem cheesy or lame at all. It was well-implemented)

+ Characters (Jerzy and Malech were such wonderfully complex characters. Loved them, as well as the other characters)

+ Pronounceable names! (Normally books like this have incredibly fanciful names that no one can even fathom pronouncing. Not this one!)


– Cliffhanger! (Nnnnooooo…now I have to wait for book 2 to be published…)

– Slavery (I’m okay with slavery in books. But the fact that all Vine Arts are former slaves…it didn’t make sense that they’d turn into such awful slavers themselves. They could at least be nice; they should remember their terrible childhood!)


I really enjoyed Flesh and Fire. I can’t wait for the next book. The novel was well-written and developed thoroughly. Plus, wine magic. Win!