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Dark Song by Gail Giles


Publisher: Little, Brown books for young readers

Released: September 2010

Pages: 304

MARC: Hey baby, wanna feel my guns? No, like, my actual guns. The ones that shoot and stuff.

AMES: I know I should find this enormously creepy, but I am somehow turned on by the power you hold.

MARC: Also, I’m 7 years older than you. Wanna hook up?

AMES: Hellz yeah!


Gail Giles is the queen of psychological/dramatic YA. Ever since I read What Happened to Cass McBride (which, by the way, completely creeped me out), I was dying to get my hands on her next book.

Dark Song offers an incredibly suspenseful build-up to a haunting conflict. As soon as things began going downhill for Ames, I became completely lost in the story. I knew things were just going to get worse and worse until Ames hit her limit. And boy, did things get bad. Gail Giles’ portrayal of seriously flawed parents was fantastic. I grew to completely hate Ames’ mother and father, and I understood her desire to be free from her situation. I could not believe how absurd the parents became—but Gail Giles did a great job having them represent two different ways of coping with life-changing problems: denial and anger.

Ames’ method of coping was to seek out ways to feel powerful—and though her method is really not the best, in context of the story, it made a lot of sense. Her character was so frightened and full of rage that you just couldn’t help pitying her, even when she acted like a spoiled brat. She had such a strong desire to protect her sister, too, which gave her bonus points in my book. Yay for sister love!


Overall, Dark Song is a somewhat frightening story about one girl’s world falling completely apart. It’s not a particularly happy book, but it is a very good portrayal of the way people cope with hardships and the anger that builds up inside.

I fell in love with the characters, the setting, and the story immediately.

If you’re looking for a book to put you right on the edge of your seat, it is a perfect choice.

It will win over the hearts of all readers with its creative concept, lovable characters, and thrilling storyline. Don’t hesitate to share your opinion in the comments below! I’d gladly discuss this book with you personally.  

4/5 Stars