Your Research And Opinion

Your research what reflects what you learn in class did something that you learn change your opinion if so why so ultimately what have I learned what spoke especially to me these the kinds of things that you want to ask yourself and then write about entertainment section don’t make a really solid development section a couple of other things on development it’s really important to write in your own words here a lot of writers will fall down by starting their development sections off with a sense of their own and then using huge chunks of direct quotes from their source material then i’m going to give another sense of their own then another huge chunk this is not the way you want to write your paper paper’s like that are praying it down why because we’re not seeing your work here it’s easy just to pick out a couple of sentences from a book and reprint them that’s not the point of a term paper we want to see your work what you think what you learn so you can use a few quotes but use them very judiciously the point is we want to see your writing what do you think what we do is if you like what somebody else has said you can paraphrase the writing put it in your own words. Find out more at Edusson.

But your own words on the point another thing is please do not use footnotes in the development section paper and something is important enough to include just write about in the body of your paper footnotes in this case are really extraneous and we have a lot of papers to read so we don’t want to have to go back and forth the footnotes so if you are not using we really appreciate that the point is whatever’s in your development section should be important it’s not secondary information you’ve only got X amount of words in the development section so you want to pick the things that are the most important that have the highest quality quality level usually footed footnoted material and no material is not of that level it’s an aside it’s an addition so that’s my that’s my suggestion dinner now let’s look at the summary conclusion for me this is the make-it-or-break-it part of the network writers with weak conclusions just regurgitate the development section.

They’ll just say exactly what they said the development in the conclusion that’s not what we want to see you want to draw a conclusion above your research you’ve done all this research you’ve gotta pendants we want to know what they are what successful writers do the trick is to create conclusions that reflect their research while giving their opinions on the subject and assessing its first since future status you want to summarize your main points that ask yourself what have I learned from my research what kinds of things are my subjects doing correctly for example if you’re writing about a successful company what have they done that’s right to make them successful conversely what are they not doing or what have they done one that’s allowed them to a downward spiral what could they in your opinion differently.